You have potential. Keep going.

We’re driving east, averaging 80 miles per hour, past treeless yellow-green hills and skewed stacks of rocky outcrops on our way from Oregon to Idaho. It’s all so big that it seems like we’re barely moving. The estimated arrival time on the GPS confirms this feeling: 4 hours remain, 3 hours 58 minutes, 3 hours 55 minutes… I force myself not to look.

When I stop paying attention to progress, the trip changes. Twice we pass through the haze of smoke clouds from  wildfires, one blossoming from a small valley of trees, unique in this dried out grassy landscape. We yell and laugh at cars that cut us off on this expansive road. We listen to local radio stations that are throwbacks to the mid-nineties and wonder how the hell we can be so young and so old.

We accomplish nothing but distance. It’s all we need to do.


Artspeak Episode 18: Art; Problem Solved



[[ Slightly off balance episode reference ]]


Artspeak Episode 17: My Profits are Bothered

"Torn & Cut One Dollar Note Floating Away in Small $ Pieces" by photosteve101 @flickr


In this sexy tax time special, we…adjust your gross income…no. File your…extensions. Hmm, nope. (We’ll find a way to make this sexy, I swear.)


Artspeak Episode 15: Reversecastpositives

Reverse perspective where the further away something is, the bigger it seems.


Patrick Hughes’ “Reverspective” paintings; gimmick or art, and does it even matter? We say yes to all (then reverse our opinions by the end.)


  1. Patrick Hughes’ Website
  2. Video of Patrick Hughes’ work
  3. Thinky the Dragon
  4. Chalk art graffiti
  5. Felice Varini