Not A Podcast Episode 7: Just A Little Podcast

“Banana Extract” by JD Hancock Photos, via Flickr, CC-BY-2.0 In the second in our (completely unplanned) Curmudgeon Series, Pete beats up on tiny, defenseless works of art. Download MP3 HQ Small References Willard Wigan’s TED Talk Snopes Article Willard Wigan’s Website Fernan Federici’s Flickr Spectacular Microscopic Art Is Also World-Changing Science Things We Like Judy […]

Not A Podcast Episode 5: “Because God is Dead.”

Pete and Sean go to the museum. The art is terrible.<br /> “Why is the art terrible?” says Pete.<br /> “Because it is a projection of our subconscious. Therefore, we are terrible,” says Sean.<br /> “Oh,” says Pete. Download Mp3 HQ Small References Ladybird Books (Wikipedia) A Darkly Humorous Children’s Book That Pokes Fun At […]

Not A Podcast Episode 4 Part 2: Bapbapbapbapbap

We ended up talking too much about talking, so Sean decides to speak as a penguin for the rest of the podcast. Also, you should hang out with artists and give them money. Download Mp3 HQ (21.4mb) Small (10.7mb) References New York Times Arts section The Portland Art Museum – free general admission on the […]

Not A Podcast Episode 4 Part 1: Erotically Verbose

We answer the great artist debate over cheese and chalk; which tastes better? And use words to talk about language. Download Mp3 HQ (26.5mb) Small (13.3mb) References Painting in the Style of Old Masters: Sfumato and Chiaroscuro Cindy Sherman interview – Journal of Contemporary Art Disjecta Curator Talk